Oct 19, 2022

Katy Bailes

Katy is originally from London in the UK but moved to San Francisco a few years ago where she left her heart in 2017 :). Growing up, Katy’s family moved around quite a lot and so she became fascinated with issues from around the world, leading her to study history and politics at Manchester University and then journalism at Goldsmiths College in London. She has made long-form documentaries for Netflix and the BBC and was one of the founding members of the multi-award winning in-house film team at The Economist newspaper where she was a producer for six years. Katy is loving her life stateside and is so happy to be Slow Clap’s newest member of staff. Outside of work she loves dancing, keeping up with current affairs, speaking Spanish and Portuguese and exploring California’s beauty! She also mentors a high school student in Oakland as part of the iMentor program.

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