Oct 25, 2023

Meet Slow Clap’s Producer: Sarah Nathan

Get to know Sarah a bit better with our quick Q&A interview.

Introduce yourself!

Howdy! I’m Sarah and I’m the latest lucky duck to join Team Slow Clap. I recently moved to the Bay Area from Charleston, South Carolina with my fiancé and our dog, but I’m originally from New Jersey. Prior to Slow Clap, I was a producer/shooter with AJ+, a digital channel of Al Jazeera. My background is visual journalism and documentary but I also have experience in educational marketing and communications.

What’s your role? What made you gravitate towards this craft?

I’m a producer, which means I’m involved in the storytelling process from start to finish. I gravitated towards video production because I love to connect with people and tell stories. As a kid, I explored storytelling through theater and music, but I had the good fortune to take a photojournalism/multimedia class in college and I was hooked.

What’s your prior experience? What made you interested in joining Slow Clap?

I often describe myself as a visual storyteller because my prior experience is diverse. In addition to being a producer, I’m also a photographer, cinematographer, camera operator, and editor, so I have a lot of experience in most aspects of video and visual production.     

I joined Slow Clap because I want to expand my skill set to include more scripted, commercial work while still having the opportunity to pursue docustyle projects. I was impressed that Slow Clap has attracted a diverse client base that allows them to produce a wide range of visual work. One of my favorite things about video production is learning new things every day with every project. I love that I will have the opportunity to connect with clients who work in corporate, tech and nonprofit industries during my time at Slow Clap.     

I was also excited about the opportunity at Slow Clap because of its seamless blending of a casual, approachable demeanor with utter professionalism. The company culture deeply resonates with my personal work ethos.

Favorite Film? What am I watching?

I’m a documentary nut, but Amélie, O Brother Where Art Thou?, and Singing in the Rain are on the list of all-time favorite narrative films. You can count on me for a good documentary recommendation, usually in the cult-genre. This summer, my fiancé and I have been binge-watching M.A.S.H, a childhood favorite of his. We’re on Season 7 and I’m still upset that they killed off Colonel Blake at the end of Season 3. 

Any Hobbies?

I love hiking with my dog Ollie, so please send your favorite Bay Area trails my way! I can often be found at farmers markets laden with local produce or at a vintage/thrift store. I enjoy baking bread and exploring a variety of craft projects that allow me to create something with my hands. My current interest is bundle dyeing; think tie-dyeing but with natural plant materials. I also love working up a good sweat in a hot yoga class or on a dance floor. I’m also always down for a good pub trivia.

Lastly, favorite projects you’ve worked on/seen from Slow Clap?

I’m brand spanking new, so I haven’t worked on any projects yet, but I can’t wait to dive in! Some of the projects that drew me to Slow Clap were The GitHub Building the Future video, an elegant scripted project, as well as the short documentary featuring the story of Daniel Maher for the Asian Law Caucus. It’s a powerful story that humanizes the struggle many immigrants face in this country while highlighting the important work of a local civil rights organization.   
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