NewVoiceMedia, a Vonage company, is the most powerful telephony solution for organizations leveraging Salesforce for sales or customer service. It provides a seamless call experience, as well as insanely powerful analytics and other tools to help teams create great phone call experiences for their organizations. Slow Clap partners with NewVoiceMedia to tell all their customer testimonial video stories across America. We've travelled to Austin, Texas, New Jersey, San Diego, Silicon Valley, New York City, and more.



We partnered with Dan’s team at Slow Clap to make NewVoiceMedia’s Customer Success story videos all across the U.S. They’ve captured some great, authentic stories in San Diego, Austin, New Jersey, and Silicon Valley, with more in the works.

We love how they not only get great visuals, but tell great stories. They work our customers’ company culture and story into our videos, while still holding true to NewVoiceMedia’s brand. On top of that, they’re super responsive and work within our budgets.

-Tom Furr, VP of Corporate Marketing, NewVoiceMedia

- NewVoiceMedia

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