Mistress Creative is a full service creative agency based in Los Angeles with a focus on brand building in the socially connected world. Slow Clap has collaborated with them in bringing forward social media campaigns and brand building commercials like NOS Social Manifesto.


GSP Resurrection - NOS Energy Drink

For an entire year, Georges Saint-Pierre, one of the top UFC fighters in the world, rehabilitated his torn ACL injury, hoping to make it back into the ring. As events unfolded, Mistress Creative launched a campaign for NOS Energy Drink, letting GSP’s fans ask questions about his recovery. In the end, GSP never fully overcame the injury. NOS and Mistress turned to Slow Clap to edit and motion design this film as GSP’s sign-off, and as an end to the year-long fan-generated documentary following his recovery. They wanted it to feel unified with the rest of the campaign, so it was up to us to use our VFX toolkit to make some footage shot on GSP’s iPhone.


- Mistress

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