Meet Slow Clap’s Junior Editor: Alexander Flores

Get to know Alexander a bit better with our quick Q&A interview.

Introduce yourself!

Hello! My name is Alexander Flores. I am originally from Southern California but spent my childhood years growing up in Ensenada, Mexico. I received my BA in Media Studies from the University of San Francisco, where I also discovered my passion for film. I am currently based in San Francisco, CA, out of the foggy Outer Sunset District.

What’s your role? What made you gravitate towards this craft?

As a Junior Editor, I receive the organized footage that was shot on set and begin to assemble a finished product by taking selections of video clips, cutting them together based on a script or brief, and integrating sound effects, graphic elements, or any other kind of media a project might require. Throughout the process, I work alongside our Director, Associate Producer, and other Editors on our team to execute on the creative vision. Editing is very collaborative by nature, and I enjoy being part of a team that seeks to tell honest stories that resonate with all of us. Though video editing can be incredibly time-consuming work, I find it a very rewarding craft and I am drawn to this process because of the creative approaches to problem solving that are required, and the technical abilities needed to replicate high quality results efficiently.

What’s your experience in video production?

While pursuing my BA, I started freelancing in video production with a focus on shooting video. For a time, I worked in live video production, shooting “fireside chats” for financial technology events. After graduating, I worked as a live camera switcher for livestream productions of Division 1 college athletics, and eventually became a Livestream Producer of one of these. In 2018 I transitioned more fully into post-production through video editing and some color grading work, and have been pursuing video editing as my main craft ever since.

What made you interested in joining Slow Clap?

Slow Clap immediately stood out to me because of how deeply human the stories are. I think where other stories compromise the human sensibility for the sake of a campaign or message, Slow Clap has a way of integrating all of these into the final product. There is a lot of care and detail that goes into creating each piece, and the people at Slow Clap are really the driving force behind the amazing work that gets produced. So, if I had to sum it up, the work and the people. 

Favorite Film?

I feel like I have a new favorite film every month… but, at the moment, Cinema Paradiso. A simple and touching film about the importance of dreams and the appreciation we have for the people that believe in us.

Any Hobbies?

Fútbol is my other passion (Manchester City is my team). I enjoy live concerts, traveling, taking care of my many houseplants, hikes along the coast with my partner, and eating her homemade pies.

Lastly, favorite project you’ve worked on?

Betsy’s Story, for being an incredibly empowering story of courage (with amazing visuals.. shout out to our camera department!). I also very much enjoy the work I was able to execute as an assistant camera and editor for the 2020 ALC Honoree Award videos.