I Meant To Say Please Pass The Sugar


The Telegraph Hill Gallery needed a short promotional video to tease the launch of Truong Tran’s new art exhibition, I Meant to Say Please Pass the Sugar. Tran’s show featured 9,000 butterflies cut from images of the body, and experiencing his work from afar leaves you with a strikingly beautiful image. It’s only as you get closer and closer do you realize these beautiful butterflies are actually appropriated images of the nude body. So our video emulates that experience, with a slow reveal of these beautiful little creatures. Tran cut 9,000 butterflies by hand to make his collection of works, so as filmmakers interested in process we spent the time to photograph and digitally hand-cut images of those butterflies, so that they could be turned into a stop-motion animation featured in the final product. The result is subtle and beautiful. Just like Tran’s work.